Monday, October 11, 2010

Clydesdale Horses – Beautiful!

As we arrived at the Pomona Fairplex last Tuesday night to set up for the quilt show, we found the fabulous Clydesdale Horses poking their BIG heads out of their barns….all looking for their dinner.ClydesdalesBarnEight beautiful horses all picked for their similar coloring and a white blaze on their face.   All eight are very friendly and sweet, easy to pet and talk to…and really BIG.

Of course the Dalmatian pooch, Brady, who rides on the HUGE wagon was at the horse barn too.  He is frisky and cute trotting up and down the stalls to visit his horse friends. Brady








The 8 horses have a couple of wonderful horse vans to carry them place to place.  It is a custom 18 wheeler more like a limo than a horse trailer!  ClydesdalesHoreseVan The 3rd big rig carries their beer wagon.  All the drivers and grooms were friendly and talkative telling us about their month at the Los Angeles County Fair that had just closed.  The horses, of course, were a very popular attraction at the fair. We were so happy that is one of their California homes and we saw them!


  1. They are amazing to see up close.... They are the most beautiful horses... :)

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