Thursday, July 29, 2010

Long Beach Festival was GREAT

The International Quilt Festival in Long Beach was super.  It seemed to us that there were lots more shoppers having a terrific time.  At least we were busy all the time so it was hard to be objective!Long Beach opening
At the opening “bell”, ladies came down the escalators – ALL running down to enjoy the show.

Our NEW Love Me, Love My Cat was a popular design at the show.  Transfer-Eze was a total blow-out and we had nothing left to sell by Saturday afternoon.   I printed a cat block on the super CatQuiltPopular
Transfer-Eze on white muslin and it was SO quick and easy to be ready to stitch in just minutes.  All the ladies who are NOT into tracing their designs on the fabric scooped up ALL of our packets of Transfer-Eze! 
I’ll be telling you about more ways to use this great stitching tool soon.

Tina and I just wish were were the gals who invented Transfer-Eze.  What a wonderful product to use!



  1. Robin, will you have a booth in Houston during Quilt Festival?

  2. Loved spending time with you you tons!!!!

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