Saturday, July 31, 2010

Transfer-Eze Embroidery Magic

Lots of us have been having a wonderful time using Transfer-Eze, the NEW water soluble film on paper backing you can use with your printer.  Instead of the tedious task of tracing embroidery designs onto fabric you can print the design on the Transfer-Eze.T-Efilm I printed a snowmen for a new design twice – one for Embroidery and one for Needle Felting on wool fabric.  Just pull the Transfer-Eze film off the paper backing.  To conserve the paper, I cut off one snowman and still have 2/3 of the paper left to print on again later!

Dark fabrics are nearly impossible to trace an embroidery design on as the light from your light box doesn’t go through the dark fabric.  Transfer-Eze is just the ticket!  Finger press your printed design on the dark fabric.  I found the Transfer-Eze adhered better to the fabric after the fabric was washed to remove the sizing. The printed design shows beautifully on the film pressed on the dark red fabric. DarkFabricThis is going to be EASY to embroider!  Add your hoop (we like the Morgan No-Slip Hoop the best) and get stitching.  This is a “reverse RedWork” snowman using DMC Ecru #8 Perle Cotton on dark red cotton instead of my usual Turkey Red Perle Cotton on our heavy weight muslin.

Stitching through the Transfer-Eze is no problem….just embroider as usual.  The film is so thin you can hardly tell it is on the fabric.  I found no drag  and no accumulation of sticky stuff StitchinOnRedon my needle.  The design is easy to see.  Also, if you don’t stitch exactly on the design lines – NO PROBLEM – later there will be no lines left to see!  Wonderful!DisolvingTransfer-Eze

Dissolving the Transfer-Eze is QUICK & EASY.  Just place in the sink with cold water.  I couldn’t wait so I watched the film dissolve as the water filled the sink…neat.  

FinishedOrnamentThe finished snowman turned out great and will be a fun NEW ornament.  Using the Transfer-Eze made it simple to get the design on fabric too dark to see with a light box.  Next we’ll be using the Transfer-Eze on wool fabric for Needle Felting.

Check out the Needle Felting on our blog soon!  Give Transfer-Eze a try, just go to to find it quickly.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Long Beach Festival was GREAT

The International Quilt Festival in Long Beach was super.  It seemed to us that there were lots more shoppers having a terrific time.  At least we were busy all the time so it was hard to be objective!Long Beach opening
At the opening “bell”, ladies came down the escalators – ALL running down to enjoy the show.

Our NEW Love Me, Love My Cat was a popular design at the show.  Transfer-Eze was a total blow-out and we had nothing left to sell by Saturday afternoon.   I printed a cat block on the super CatQuiltPopular
Transfer-Eze on white muslin and it was SO quick and easy to be ready to stitch in just minutes.  All the ladies who are NOT into tracing their designs on the fabric scooped up ALL of our packets of Transfer-Eze! 
I’ll be telling you about more ways to use this great stitching tool soon.

Tina and I just wish were were the gals who invented Transfer-Eze.  What a wonderful product to use!


Thursday, July 1, 2010

NEW Cat Quilt is Here

Yay!  The new kitty quilt is finally ready.  The printing and photos arrived this morning and we are putting together everything for the website.  Love Me, Love My Cat RedWork Quilt is up and ready to come to your house.490_LoveMyCat We renamed the pieced star blocks in the corners “Cat’s Paw” in honor of this quilt design.  They add lots to the interest of our little quilt. 

We are off to the Rocky Mountain Quilt Fest in Denver leaving on the 4th of July.  The kitty quilt will have a place of honor in our show space….come and visit us!