Tuesday, June 8, 2010

More Kitty Stuff

My house has become the Kitty Feeding Station for the neighborhood.  A few years ago some not so great neighbors quit feeding their pair of cats who then left home KittyFeedingStationto find food.  Since then LOTS of litters of cats have been born and continue to roam around.   This cute Siamese is soon to be a mother – some place around the house.   My next step is to see what can happen if I catch her and take her to the ASPCA.  She doesn’t mind if I sit nearby and chat with her while she has a snack.  At least the kittens could have a chance to be adopted.


Another picture as we continue to have our breakfast conversation.  She doesn’t say much!  Our new quilt will honor all the Siamese, furry black, smooth black and very fluffy gray striped kitty who come by to eat.  Another darker colored Siamese has had her kittens under a bush in a neighbor’s yard 2 houses away.  She comes too to keep her strength up for the babies.

More kitty stories as they happen.  Take care of your feline friends!


  1. Thank you for doing this! It's a shame when cats run feral.

  2. I miss my siamese. She lived to 21! Wish you were closer..

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