Sunday, June 27, 2010

NEW Wool Bundles

We have just put together some great collections of wool in bundles of 6 Fat 1/8ths for you.  Three groups have been made so far but more can come as we dream them up!wool&perle We have the Pastel Wool Bundle with soft and sweet pastel shades of our lovely Pre-felted wool.  The Pastel shades of wool are very often quite hard to find – we found them for you!

The Primary Wool Bundle has 6 “Crayon Box” wool colors that will be so useful in lots of the designs you create.  Bright and cheerful!

Six rich and elegant wool colors make up the Autumn Bundle.  All of these colors will add to your Fall designs.  

No wool colors have been duplicated in the 3 collections so your wool stash will get bigger and better for your Wool Appliqué creations.  Save $6.00 when you buy the bundle of 6 colors!   Enjoy all of the groups.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Print the Freebie for 4th of July

Get stitching your NEW freebie design United we Stand to help celebrate the 4th of July.   It will take only an afternoon or evening to stitch up this colorful patriotic tea towel.    493_FreebieUnitedWeStand6-2010  
We have the towel plus all the #8 Perle cotton you will need to stitch it ready to mail to you….just check  it out on the web site.

Happy almost 4th of July!

Monday, June 14, 2010

The Kitty Quilt Grows

I’m having so much fun with Love Me, Love My Cat Quilt.  The embroidered blocks are in the hands of a great friend, Diana, who has taken over putting them together as a “real quilt” for me.KittyQuiltLayout We have selected 3 red and white prints to connect all the blocks and it is really going to be cute and cheerful.  Just what we kitty people need, more fur and fun!

Keep watching, the kitties will be ready to visit you soon.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Dissolving the Transfer-Eze

I finished the block I was stitching at the Del Mar show and had a great time watching the Transfer-Eze actually dissolve before my eyes.  The kitty block is perfect and ready to be added to the others for the new quilt.DissolivingTransfer-Eze

The 8 blocks are now stitched and waiting to be put together with some red and white pieced blocks now renamed “Cat’s Paw” in honor of our quilt!

Should be ready soon!  Keep watch on our blog and in our Newsletter.  Cats Rule!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

More Kitty Stuff

My house has become the Kitty Feeding Station for the neighborhood.  A few years ago some not so great neighbors quit feeding their pair of cats who then left home KittyFeedingStationto find food.  Since then LOTS of litters of cats have been born and continue to roam around.   This cute Siamese is soon to be a mother – some place around the house.   My next step is to see what can happen if I catch her and take her to the ASPCA.  She doesn’t mind if I sit nearby and chat with her while she has a snack.  At least the kittens could have a chance to be adopted.


Another picture as we continue to have our breakfast conversation.  She doesn’t say much!  Our new quilt will honor all the Siamese, furry black, smooth black and very fluffy gray striped kitty who come by to eat.  Another darker colored Siamese has had her kittens under a bush in a neighbor’s yard 2 houses away.  She comes too to keep her strength up for the babies.

More kitty stories as they happen.  Take care of your feline friends!