Thursday, May 20, 2010

Cat Quilt Designing Continues

Finally, after drawing and stitching 4 squares of the Kitty Quilt that has been “in the works” for some time.  There are now 5 drawn and “only” 7 more to go!NewCatQuilt After our trip to Del Mar more of the blocks will be drawn and stitched.  I hope to stitch the “Beware of Cat” while we are at the show.  I used our NEW Transfer-Eze to print the cat designs instead of tracing directly onto the muslin.  So EASY and QUICK even though I love to trace only the fabric.  Thought I would give Transfer-Eze a whirl.  Took only about 1 minute instead of the 20 minutes to trace it.  Give it a try yourself one day.  Watch for the new quilt sometime this summer.

Monday, May 17, 2010

A NEW Freebie is ready for you

Our new Freebie design is a fun little kitchen sign to remind others in the house to “do the dishes”. Of course most of us have dishwashers but nothing jumps into the machine by themselves!481_Freebie-Dishes5-2010 I hung my sign on a cupboard knob by the kitchen sink as a reminder to others. Stitch up this small 4 1/2” square RedWork design in just an afternoon or evening. We have made up a small packet for you to stitch and finish your sign including the cute little metal hanger with clips to hold your design. Print up your Wishes Won’t Do Dishes pattern and get to work right away.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Little Birds have Arrived

Our long awaited Little Birds book from C & T Publishing has arrived at the studio.  This was our first chance to see it as we mailed out the preordered copies.   It really is filled with lots of277_LittleBirdsBook2 artistic to whimsical designs.  Each of the designers has a photo plus a short biography about them.  It is fun to read about each of them and see how diverse and interesting they all are. 

We are very pleased at how our Garden of Birds RedWork design came out.  When you send off a finished design is it always a surprise as to how it is photographed and presented to all of you. 

To see more of the book visit and click on ‘search’ for the Little Birds.  You can also, go to the editor’s blog to see things in the works.

Have some fun…we have copies now if you want to create some clever birdie things! 


Thursday, May 13, 2010

Tina’s Cute and Colorful Hen

Tina’s needle felting designs just keep getting better!  Her fun little Colorful Hen is a perfect example.460_ColorfulHen   This little cutie has lots of colorful wool roving to make her feathers.  Her wings are attached with glass beads but you can use a couple of buttons too.  Wire is used as armature to construct her sturdy legs and make her body and neck.  An easy and great way to make your needle felted creation stand up well.  A fun critter to decorate your home, maybe in the kitchen!TheHens The “real” feathered gals at Tina’s ranch are busy scratching up bits of corn and other goodies in the hay in their yard.  During the day while Tina is at the studio, they all enjoy time cruising around their charming Chicken House.  When Tina drives in after work, they all run to meet her truck.  Such faithful little chicken friends! 

We have the pattern plus a complete kit for you to make your own Colorful Hen to faithfully greet you in your home.  Make a visit to our Needle Felting Department on our web site and see the Hen plus other wonderful critters in Tina’s collection.