Friday, January 22, 2010

Getting Ready for Phoenix

When we get ready for a quilt show the whole studio gets in a turmoil.  Every table surface is piled high plus tubs all around on the floor.   Everyone has to watch where they step!gettingReadyForShow Mackenzie and Campbell move from bed to bed under the computer table.  EacCampbel'sBirdsEyeViewh has their own “tricks” too.  Campbell is the  Princess and likes to be where the action is.  Today she enjoyed keeping an eye on the wild life in the back yard from her bed on the work table.   A large flock of robin’s were zooming around in the trees until a very fat ginger colored kitty decided to prance around back there too.  Four mom deer with a yearling and baby travel along the back fence every afternoon too just to round out the menagerie.  Campbell enjoyed the day!MackenzieGuardingCookies
Mackenzie is totally all  about food!  She spent most of the day (actually several days) primly sitting and watching the 2 bags of yummy cookies on the table.  Very quiet and very diligent.   She frequently gets a bite as her waistline will attest too! 
All of us will be ready to hit the road in the late afternoon Sunday.  See all of you good friends in Phoenix next Thursday.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

It hardly seems possible that we have zipped through 2009 and are entering 2010 already.  The entire year was very busy and we were so happy to have met so many of you at the (too many!) shows we went to last year.  This year we are going to fewer shows so we can to pay attention to designing new goodies for you. 

However, we are now scurrying around the studio sending out TONS of orders from our Retiring Patterns Sale and trying to get ready for Road to California in Ontario, California in just 10 days.  The whole studio is a wreck but clearing out the older designs will give us much needed space to bring in new goodies…..Yay!

CampbellWorkingHere is Campbell helping out as we work around her getting ready.  She is a great supervisor!  We will be ready to go to our shows this year with help from Campbell and Mackenzie.

Have a wonderful, healthful and successful new year!