Friday, November 20, 2009

On to Washington’s Show

After Pomona in southern California we headed right up to Puyallup, Washington for our last show of the year.  On the way we made a stop in Portland, Oregon at E.E. Schenk, a huge distributor for all things quilting and needlework.FabricShoppingAtDistributorWe had a wonderful time going up and down the big aisles of mega amounts of beautiful fabric collections.  Our search was for red and white for finishing RedWork plus neat ground fabrics to stitch the embroidery designs on.  I LOVE our muslin but a little variety will be nice too.  We will invent special designs for the new fabrics. 

The garage in the back of Lucy, the motor home, was still FULL of goodies to sell in Washington so the bolts of fabric took over the couch next to the big vintage Coats spool cabinet.  No room for lounging!

Enjoy your weekend coming up. 


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