Saturday, September 5, 2009

Travel Photos You Haven’t Seen

I was just looking in my blog photos and found so many I took along our adventures on the road.  Tina and I are always finding something interesting to see as we drive.  Many of these are a little old but great fun just the same!

In July coming home from Denver, we screeched to a halt on I-25 when a huge herd of buffalo appeared on the hills along the road. BuffaloHerd

I grabbed the camera and took a “herd” of pictures of these nifty creatures.  They looked at me but I couldn’t get a close as I wished.   The BIG boys are really huge!  Because it was summer all their winter fur is coming off….they looked like they were moulting.


The babies are a little cuter than all the adults but there were not too many.  Everyone took off in a stampede when I got too close wanting a better photo.  


Quite a sight right next to the freeway.  Fun to see.  Hope you are enjoying your holiday weekend.  Have some fun!


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