Friday, August 14, 2009

Back to the Blog – finally

Actually I don’t have any right to say anything about not writing about all the stuff we have done since returning from Long Beach.  Just “didn’t get around to it” as they say!

The International Quilt Festival in Long Beach was super.  We had a great time and I didn’t hear anyone complain about a thing.  This year all the “difficulties” were seemingly ironed out and the show went smoothly. 

The ladies came streaming into the exhibition hall on 4 escalators all heading down – none going up!  All these gals look like they really are on a mission.  Our lucky 1313 booth was right in the front so we were pleased and ready to greet all the smiling faces.

Long Beach opening Our booth looked pretty nice we thought with all the new (old?) vintage needlework goodies we have been collecting for the past many months.  We were so gratified that lots of shoppers thought so too.  Not everyone gets out all around the west coast to find these things – it is nice to see them conveniently displayed!  Lots of toy sewing machines, nifty old bobbins, baskets and sewing boxes found new homes at the show.

Vintage goodies Long Beach

More of our travel log to come this month as I  get back into the blogging mode.  Enjoy your weekend  coming up.



  1. Your booth looks wonderful - wish you could come to New England sometime. I was talking to Dick of Traditions of the White Swan (saw Pat Sloan's photo of him on her blog) and he raved about you guys (we were at the Mancuso show in Manchester NH).

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