Friday, July 24, 2009

Chickens are the Thing!

Chickens are a fun feathered thing.  When we were coming home from Denver we had our own "wake up" rooster in the park were we stayed the night.  He was also quite the fearless character and went after Mackenzie and Campbell as they were relaxing outside Lucy, the motor home.  He was very handsome and  began crowing from 4 am until we left!

Crowing Rooster - Chanticleer

In honor of our beautiful park rooster, stitch up your own chickens with SPECIAL PRICES on tea towel designs and a popular design reprinted just for the summer.  Words we can ALL live by!

Let the Stress Begin

The Hen Delivers Tea Towel set will brighten up your kitchen.  They will, also, make a quick-to-stitch gift for another chicken lover you know.  Give yourself something to crow about! 

Stitch your tea towels in RedWork or in colors of #8 Perle Cotton.

Both styles look great!

The Hen Delivers Tea Towels

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