Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Off To and Back from London

We were able to have a lovely journey to London, England to join Robin’s daughter, Jennifer and Milo the 5 year old Grandson.  We were Granny/Nannies for Milo while Jennifer worked for the week at the University of London.  As one of our friends, Cyndee, said before we left, “have a Big Ben of a time” and we did!  Here is Big Ben plus part of the immense House of Parliament.

Big Ben & House of Parliament We bought a pass for the “tube” and travelling all over town was a great success.  What a wonderful way to move lots of people – so sad we have only a few services like that in the states.  Very efficient and easy!  Tina and I dragged little Milo around to all the “required” spots to see in London and he never complained once after hours and hours of touring the sites.  

Unfortunately the Queen must have been busy while we were in town and didn’t have us call on her but we did get a look at Buckingham Palace, her downtown office.  Quite a site with so much traffic, tourists and regular folks all around!

Buckingham Palace

Not nearly as beautiful a spot as when first completed in the 1800’s for Queen Victoria, the first Monarch to live there.  Gone are the beautiful gardens surrounding the palace.  There still are some across the way in a formal garden we walked around.PalaceGarden

More of the travel log soon!  Great to go away and wonderful to come home again…..Robin

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