Tuesday, June 9, 2009

New Vintage Mill Bobbins

We just came upon some more small vintage bobbins that are the same as several I have in my own collection...found over the years.


These wonderful small 4" tall antique bobbins are great to hold your scissors, organize your collection of ribbons and lace or decorate your table with several holding slim candles.  The top and bottom are 3" in diameter with a pretty wood center....nice!  For one week we offer our new discovery at a special price (25% off) for you to add them to your needlework collection.

Order right away!

Pretty Summer Baskets

We still have a few sets of our NEW trio of really pretty silk lined baskets from Vietnam to hold your summer stitching.  They are completely lined with an iridescent silk and the top has a draw string of matching silk cord ending in a charming crocheted ball (my favorite part!).

The sewing baskets are produced by an education and income generating project by family owned enterprises to revive the traditional cultural handicrafts of Vietnam.  Beautiful and useful, too.

As an introduction to our Stitching Accessories, enjoy a special price to own one, two or all three of these beauties.

We have a limited number of the baskets so don't get left out!


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