Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Mackenzie Got “Skunked”

She is now feeling quite sorry for herself after a bath at 3:30 this morning.  I’m not too thrilled either!  She protected us from the little black and white kitty but has really smelled up my bedroom!

Sad Mackenzie To prove how bad she felt, she couldn’t even enjoy her morning dog biscuit until a couple of hours had passed since her bath.  The jury is still out whether her nifty purple collar can be saved!  Luckily she heads to the groomer tomorrow morning and maybe they have a magic potion to fix her up again.

Watch out for cute little black and white kitties at your house!



  1. Lots of hugs and love for Mackenzie, I feel for her.

  2. Poor Mackenzie. That happened to a dog of ours. It was hard to decide which ended up being worse for her, being skunked or my dad washing her with tomato juice in the back yard and then hosing her off (and needless to say, Dad had a few choice comments every time she shook herself!)