Monday, June 1, 2009

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Finally, I am back to chatting with you on our blog.  No excuses…just lazy I guess.  Tina, the pooches and I had a great trip to New Mexico and the Fiber Fiesta.  We did a lot of stopping along the way to stretch our legs and give the dogs a potty break. 


We always leave I-5 and head towards Bakersfield along a back road.  This longhorn family is one of our traditional stops…..sadly, this year their field was empty!  Dad has HUGE horns at least dinner plate sized and Mom is a little daintier with maybe a luncheon sized horns.  Each year their child is little until our next visit….whew, big critters.  We will plan more time next trip in July to stop and knock on the door and ask where our buddies have been moved.

I-40 campsite

We always select some memorable “campsites” on our trips.  Here we are in Arizona staying at a ranch road exit on I-40.  It is always quiet, sometimes secluded and we have no one but coyotes and an occasional prairie dog to visit us. 


In New Mexico near Albuquerque, we visited El Malpais (The Badlands) Sandstone bluffs while hunting up our nesting spot for the night.  The bluffs are 138 million years old, much older than I am!  The valley below is covered with volcanic rock that is a mere 100,000 years old.  Very beautiful, rugged and impressive, we want to visit again.  Tina and I found some great rocks we would have loved to bring home for our gardens.

More about our fun along the way tomorrow.

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