Tuesday, June 16, 2009

3 Cheers for the Red, White & Blue

American Flaglette Trio

It is time to celebrate with flags, sparklers and rockets!  

Make some red, white and blue American Flaglettes to decorate your home - quick and fun to do with wool.

Both the Pattern and the fabric are on sale this week.



Stars 'n Stripes Forever

Decorate your table top with a great patriotic table rug with Red, White & Blue, too.  This stylized flag will add lots to your summer dinners on the deck or patio.  Remember the 4th of July is coming soon, too.  Get ready to celebrate and PARTY!

The stars are reverse appliqué - just cut out the top layer of navy blue and let the white underneath show through.  Use the cut out stars in the center of your "flag stripes" - nice!  Add simple embroidery stitches that add texture and interest to your creation.  Wool is always so wonderful to work with.

The pattern is on sale this week.


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