Sunday, May 17, 2009

On The Road Again













































































































































































































































































































































We are heading toward New Mexico this afternoon.  We are stopping on 7th Standard Road near Bakersfield.  This takes us from I-5 to Highway 99 heading to Mohave.  We always take a peek at the very LONG horn family.  Every year they have a newCopy (2) of SV400027

kid.  Mom LONG horn is not very friendly when we get too close to the fence.  Dad doesn’t move very quickly but she surely can.  The horns are massive.  Dad’s are about as big around as a dinner plate….whew!  Mom is a little more petite, only as big around as a luncheon plate.  A nice break in our drive.

We will catch up with other favorite spots in Arizona.  We often take the smaller, more scenic routes if we have time.  Much more fun and we catch up with folks every few months.  You know how much we LOVE to chat!

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