Friday, May 8, 2009

The Hen Delivers Tea Towels

Our NEW The Hen Delivers Tea Towel patterns are back from the printer and ready to be introduced to you.  There are 5 designs stitched on 5 di378_TheHenDeliversfferent tea towel colors.  BUT any and all would stitch up great on any one or other of the towel stripe colors show.  We have even bundled the 5 towels we used and offer them to you at a special price.  Make a  pillow with one of your towels just for fun.  Very easy to do and instructions are included in the pattern. 

Another older but no less popular Chicken RedWork design is our Nest Friends pattern.  It haNest Friends RedWork #165 001s a couple of pillows to make plus a little hanger for you to present to your “nest friend”.   I made a band for a basket of ceramic eggs to decorate my kitchen.  I love chickens, too.  Have some stitching fun….we always do!

For our Punch Needle Embroidery friends, The Polka Dot Hen designPolka Dot Hen #210 will be a welcome addition to your collection.  She is a plump, happy hen in a polka dotted outfit.  She is snuggled in a clay pot with the hay spilling out over the edge.  I like to punch my designs with #8 Perle cotton. You use it just as it comes from the ball – way easier than splitting strands of 6-strand embroidery floss.  NO TANGLES!  Give her a try at a special price for the pattern PLUS printed fabric.





  1. I love all your patterns and I want to thank you for the free ones that I get in my newsletter. I just have one question,When you are embroidering on the towels do you put any thing on the back, like iron on interfacting?

  2. Thanks, Carrie, for your question. No, I don't add anything to the back. When you embroider don't make long carryover stitches from one spot to another. If going from one spot to another, run your needle under stitches in the direction of the new spot to embroider. This will eliminate any Perle cotton threads to catch when you use your towel.