Friday, April 17, 2009

Speaking About Birds!

While photographing the new “Chicken Coop” at Tina’s ranch, a little bird landed on the cowboy’s hat while on patrol with six-gun at ready from the front porch of this wonderful little house.  I think this little gal was as interested in us as we were in taking a quick picture of her.Cowboy'sFriendThis very clever metal cowboy sculpture is perfect to be watching everything coming near the front porch of the most elegant “Chicken Coop” in all of CaliforniaChickenCoop  ….maybe the world!

Bird Brain Designs has a couple of chicken designs in our repertoire.   Our Polka-Dot Hen in punch needle embroidery looks great sitting on her nest built in a clay pot.  Ms Hen is now at a special price on our web site – check her out and cash in on the sale and have your own chicken!  If you like Wool Appliqué, our Grey Speckled Hen sits on her nest too, all atop a metal clamp to display in your sewing studio.  Both chicks are  quick to stitch and FUN besides.

Polka Dot Hen #210

Speckled Hen 279

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