Thursday, April 30, 2009

Fun Trip Home

We had a great time (don’t we always!) at the Amador Valley Quilter’s Guild show last weekend.  On the way home we went to the Alden Lane Nursery, one of the most fabulous nurseries ever!  It is the home of the super fun Quilting in the Garden Quilt Show in September.  Make a date to visit.

When we passed Petaluma heading north on 101, we decided to try and find the Washoe House we used to go to for dinner out in the country.  It has the best prime rib in a really “rustic” setting.  We found it on a teeny, windy road where it has been since 1859 founded as a road house for weary travelers.  All the rooms are now for dining.   Lucy, our BIG white motor home is peeking out of the parking lot.

WashoeHousew  Many years ago visitors to the bar began sticking dollar bills to the ceiling.  The really yucky dark bills are from when there was still smoking in the bar.  The new ones really show up!  Could be the way to put money in a savings account these days.


We sat at a regular Washoe House table for our dinner and did not belly up to the bar.  By the way, prime rib is served only Thursday to Sunday so we were “forced” to have  a lovely HUGE rib eye steak.  But we could check out all the regulars  perched on their bar stools.  Everyone knew everyone and could catch up on their day even though it was only 4:30 in the afternoon.  Fun place.


We just LOVE our job and have such a great time heading to shows and coming home again.  Not to mention a great time meeting everyone at the shows, too.  See you at a show one of these days.


  1. Nice trip pictures, wonder how much money they have stuck up there on the ceiling? I sure wish my mom still lived up in Healdsburg, I loved taking road trips up there, love the scenery.

  2. When we lived in Augusta, GA there was a little oyster bar that the locals all hung out at and they stuck $1 bills all over the place too and also wrote/signed the walls, the floors, the picnic tables... the fence... I miss that place. ;)

    Glad you had a great time traveling! Love from Texas! ~bonnie