Thursday, April 30, 2009

Fun Trip Home

We had a great time (don’t we always!) at the Amador Valley Quilter’s Guild show last weekend.  On the way home we went to the Alden Lane Nursery, one of the most fabulous nurseries ever!  It is the home of the super fun Quilting in the Garden Quilt Show in September.  Make a date to visit.

When we passed Petaluma heading north on 101, we decided to try and find the Washoe House we used to go to for dinner out in the country.  It has the best prime rib in a really “rustic” setting.  We found it on a teeny, windy road where it has been since 1859 founded as a road house for weary travelers.  All the rooms are now for dining.   Lucy, our BIG white motor home is peeking out of the parking lot.

WashoeHousew  Many years ago visitors to the bar began sticking dollar bills to the ceiling.  The really yucky dark bills are from when there was still smoking in the bar.  The new ones really show up!  Could be the way to put money in a savings account these days.


We sat at a regular Washoe House table for our dinner and did not belly up to the bar.  By the way, prime rib is served only Thursday to Sunday so we were “forced” to have  a lovely HUGE rib eye steak.  But we could check out all the regulars  perched on their bar stools.  Everyone knew everyone and could catch up on their day even though it was only 4:30 in the afternoon.  Fun place.


We just LOVE our job and have such a great time heading to shows and coming home again.  Not to mention a great time meeting everyone at the shows, too.  See you at a show one of these days.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Off to Pleasanton

Lucy, the big white motor home is packed and ready to head off to Pleasanton and the Amador Valley Quilt Show.  We have not been invited to this show before and are looking forward to meeting everyone.  If the show is in your neck of the woods come this weekend and have some fun with all of us.  Great quilts and great vendors! 

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Victorian Embroidery Scissors

Yesterday we got another NEW present in the mail…..sweet Victorian Embroidery Scissors.  Just in time for Mother’s Day gifting (or a little something just for you).


The scissors are quite affordable and a quality stitching accessory to add to your sewing basket.  I selected a pair for me right away!  The filigree look gold handles are pretty to look at but the scissor end is sharp and work great.

Create a treasured gift for someone special – remember Mom’s Day coming quickly - with a pair of scissors and a pin cushion kit or the finished design made by you.  Get creative and, of course, have some fun!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Little Metal Ornament Hangers Back

We are so excited that we found more little hanger with mini clips to hold photos, stitched ornaments, notes or whatever you would like to display in a really cute way.

ClipHanger&Picture I have added a vintage photo of Tina’s and my father when he was probably 3 years old.  How I would love to have his adorable little wheel barrow in my home now.  How about that romper suit and tiny leather boots.  It is amazing to me how much my son resembles baby photos of his Grandfather.

Create a nostalgic Mother’s Day gift sure to please.  Find some old photos of you or family members and hang a few from these little hangers (3 1/2” x 4”).  Add a personal note on the little paper inside the plaque on the hanger’s center.  Fun to dig out the pictures and Mom will be thrilled!  Enjoy!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Speaking About Birds!

While photographing the new “Chicken Coop” at Tina’s ranch, a little bird landed on the cowboy’s hat while on patrol with six-gun at ready from the front porch of this wonderful little house.  I think this little gal was as interested in us as we were in taking a quick picture of her.Cowboy'sFriendThis very clever metal cowboy sculpture is perfect to be watching everything coming near the front porch of the most elegant “Chicken Coop” in all of CaliforniaChickenCoop  ….maybe the world!

Bird Brain Designs has a couple of chicken designs in our repertoire.   Our Polka-Dot Hen in punch needle embroidery looks great sitting on her nest built in a clay pot.  Ms Hen is now at a special price on our web site – check her out and cash in on the sale and have your own chicken!  If you like Wool Appliqué, our Grey Speckled Hen sits on her nest too, all atop a metal clamp to display in your sewing studio.  Both chicks are  quick to stitch and FUN besides.

Polka Dot Hen #210

Speckled Hen 279

Spring has Sprung

Spring is really here in Lake County.  All around Clear Lake the Red Buds are just beautiful in bright mauve.  I had a short drive to deliver my Mackenzie the pooch to Tina (I’m off to visit kids for Easter) and stopped along the road to take pictures.  Lucky for me the camera was in the car.  Check out the buzzing bee at the bottom center of the blossoms. RedbudAndBee

In contrast, the cheerful California Poppies, our state flower are coming up everywhere.  The satiny blossoms are on the hills and in yards where ever you drive.  I had some beauties last year on my front hill but, sadly, none this year.CaliforniaPoppies

Not to be out done for spring in our sewing rooms, we have our own buzzing bee zooming around on our Sewing Bee Pin Cushion.  The set includes a bee skep needle case and bee emery for sharpening your pins and needles.  The fat bee also acts as a scissor minder.  Just the thing for spring! 


Enjoy your lovely Sunday…our spring weather is wonderful.  I’ll be back out tugging out the weeks in just a little while!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Ducks Came Back

The fun little Mallard duck pair returned for another swim around the pool this morning.  The quacking is very cheerful!  Maybe we will soon find a nest of little eggs we can watch along with Mom and Dad.

Pool Pals

I don’t think their eggs will be colorful as our Eggs on Parade or Easter Basket Mat filled with decorated eggs…..but a little nest to keep our eye on would be such a treat 


Speaking of feathered friends, Tina has just received her shipment of baby chicks.  She is planning on becoming the Egg Queen in a few months when her tiny pullets become hens and start earning their keep!  They are now living in a very large blue box that was formerly used to gather grapes at harvest time.  All 12 are very cute, lively and EAT a ton of chicken scratch.


Friday, April 10, 2009

Pool Pal Trespassers



While looking out our studio windows we saw a couple of feathered trespassers in the neighbor’s pool.  The Mallard pair had a lovely time hopping in an out of the pool and swam for a long time.  Then Campbell, Tina’s pooch, discovered them and barked them out of their swimming’ hole.  I think they will be back again soon! – the water is fine!Feathered Neighbors The only duck design we have is Tina’s cute and fluffy needle felted Rubber Ducky.  She might not take to the water like these characters but will be cute for Spring and Easter decorating.

256_RubberDucky We will certainly keep our eyes open to check out when our new feathered neighbors return.  As Barry, the pool’s owner says, “I’m glad SOMEONE is enjoying it. 

Happy Swimming to you all of you from damp Kelseyville.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Back to my Blog

Since arriving home from our last quilt show in Sacramento, Tina and I have been busy cleaning and reorganizing the studio and the garage chuck full of everything accumulated in the past five plus years.  Whew!  What a job.  Many goodies are ending up in the Sale Department of our web site.  Every week we plan to unearth more things to offer everyone at special prices.  Check it out!


I had ONE tulip left when got home last Tuesday.  The rest became snacks for the deer passing by the front of the house.  I think they need to be transplanted to the backyard.  All the lovely daffodils are not appetizing to those lovely critters we have so many of!

Enjoy your weekend.  I’m working on drawing more new designs for the summer…..and weeding the garden for short spurts of time.