Sunday, February 8, 2009

Wyoming Wild Life

We saw LOTS of amazing animals in Wyoming – all after not connecting with I-80 in Cheyenne!  We took a 3 hour detour to get back on track.

Along the way we saw herds of mule deer playing with antelope on Highway 34.  Later there were buffalo and Elk in a research preserve up in the mountains.  Of course cattle and flocks of sheep throughout the state.  Guess the driver’s big mistake (me) was a nice ride seeing lots of beautiful creatures.

The day was sunny with high clouds until the last exit in Wyoming when it began to snow until Salt Lake City.  It is just rain now and we are stopping for the night in a chilly but pretty rest stop just outside of Nevada.

Tina is creating Mexican food for a quick dinner and then to bed.  We are happy the weather has been cooperative with ladies and pooches anxious to get home.   Good night!

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