Saturday, February 7, 2009

Ready to go home

Travelling has been great but we are really ready for home!  The Rocky Mountain Sew Expo had been terrific and will close this evening.  Break down is always such fun but we look forward to it this morning.

It is still unusually warm in Denver but the weather guys continue to threaten storms soon.  Our fingers and toes are crossed that we will make it to about 8 PM when our garage is full of show left overs and get us over the Rockies before it really lets loose!  It will add a day or more for us to drive south to head west and then north again up the long California highway.  Oh well, we will get to see lots more country.

Hope all is well in your home town or where ever you are hanging out today and the entire weekend.


  1. This weekend I am getting started on the lovely Big Flower Pin cushions designs I got at Road to California. The heart will make a perfect Valentine gift for a dear stitching friend. I've enjoyed the shows, traveling along with you!

  2. Hey Ladies! I just doscpvered your new fun. Welcome to bloggy-land!!! We will say a few extra prayers for your travel & no snow. Glad to hear you have been enjoying shows. Hope to catch up with you sometime soon.