Wednesday, February 11, 2009

No Place Like Home

We loved sleeping in our own beds last night.  Today it rained and poured all day – that also made us happy as we are desperate for lots of rain (and snow in the mountains when we are not there!) in California.   The more the merrier.

Gail is enjoying a well deserved vacation after keeping the home fires burning while we were away.  We brought home our friend Julie who has been travelling with us and working in our “store on wheels” at shows.  Julie is the owner of Julie’s School of  Sewing when not working with us.  Give her site a look, fun stuff.  We are happy to have her visit the studio and work with us here and on the road.

We are busy with mail and everything else after you have been gone away.  I hope life is more exciting soon so there is something to chat about. 

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