Saturday, February 28, 2009

Having Fun in Washington

The Sewing & Stitching Expo is great as usual.  The day of shopping begins at a very early 8:30!  There is not much activity in our booth until after 9 o’clock but classes are filled to the brim at that early morning hour. 

We over hear lots of ladies loving RedWork (just like I do) and many are getting out their embroidery after LOTS of years of quilting and doing other things.  We are so happy to hear that!   You can relax in the evening stitching gifts or goodies for yourself – your sewing machine can’t always travel from room to room with you.  If you haven’t already given it a try, go to our Freebie design and stitch up a GreenWork design for St. Patty’s day – quick, fun and easy!

We are hoping for another sunny and lovely day in Puyallup – yesterday was wonderful – and meet all the ladies who had to work all week and now get to play at the show on Saturday and Sunday.  Enjoy your weekend and get in some stitching time for yourself.


  1. Your booth made us drool as usual and it was fun to be able to let you know I'm following your blog as well as a devoted buyer of your designs, patterns and kits!! Hope this is a successful show for you and that I'll be able to see you again next year!

  2. Awesome and funny! I love your presentation!

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