Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Back to Blogging!

After posting my one and only blurb, life got a little out of control!  In getting ready to hit the road for 3 large quilt shows and 3 classes early in January, I zipped off the side of my thumb with a rotary cutter.  That put a damper in getting ready to leave the next day.  We finished packing and began our travels south to Road to California Quilt Show in Ontario, California huge bandage and all.

Road to California was a wonderfully busy show and we met and re-met lots of great quilt-types.  All were happy and upbeat in spite of all the sad economic news.  My thoughts are that we all need our needlework to stay sane and happy…Stitch don’t Stress… is my new mantra.

Tina and I plus pooches are now in Tucson, Arizona where they are receiving some very welcome rain.  It seems like sprinkles to us but they are quite delighted.  I have 20 ladies coming to Bella Quiltworks to make our new Lacey Heart Sachet  in wool appliqué.  Everyone is planning on a fun few hours and completing a Valentine gift for themselves or someone special.

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